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Dr. Dabber Switch Alternative Portable Vaporizer
Dr. Dabber Switch Alternative Portable Vaporizer

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Dr. Dabber Switch Alternative Portable Vaporizer

The Dr. Dabber Switch is an coil-free electromagnetic induction heating, water filtration system with a massive 33.3 watt-hour battery capacity and over 30 unique settings to suit any occasion. The Switch's standard modes either Dry Herb and Herbal Concentrate modes each have 5 pre-set heating profiles. The advanced modes have an additional 25 heating profiles with a temperature range of 300 to 800 degrees Fahrenheit for users who want to fine tune the output of the device. The hold times can also be customized between the ranges of 5 to 30 seconds. The Dr. Dabber Switch has an additional Crystal Mode for use with the Dr. Dabber quartz crystal induction cup (sold separately). The crystal induction cup is only intended for use in this mode, as the material requires a different heating profile to produce optimal vapor density and flavor. The Switch's non-combustive heating is made possible through a magnetic field transmitted to heat the ceramic induction cups and can produce vapor in an average of 5 seconds. The white ceramic induction cup is only for use with herbal concentrates, black ceramic induction cup is for use with dry herb, and the crystal induction cup (sold separately) is for herbal concentrate or low temperature dry herb use. As a safety feature, the device will not begin a heating cycle without an induction cup in place. The Switch comes with an automatic cool down cycle in order to keep the device operating in optimal condition with a range of 5 seconds to 4 minutes, depending on the current temperature of the device. The Dr. Dabber Switch has a self cleaning mode that uses high energy heat cycles to burn off residue in the ceramic induction cups. Self cleaning mode is not for use with the crystal induction cup (sold separately) It is still recommended to clean the cups with +90% isopropyl alcohol and cotton swabs/wipes. The Switch has 5 multi functional LED indications that can show the current heat profile or battery life of the device and can also be standby lighting with 25 ambient light settings. The LED lights can be turned off by putting the device in stealth mode. This device has a three button interface to adjust temperature, mode, and navigate the settings. There is also a selector switch on the bottom to change between dry herb and herbal concentrate modes. The glass percolator attachment has a 50mm ground glass fitting and is made of heavy duty borosilicate. The removable battery pack is made of LiFePO4 non-volatile battery cells and has an output power of up to 120 watts, a battery capacity of 33.3 watt-hours, and pass-through charging. The Switch has built-in over-voltage, over-current, under-voltage, over-temperature, short-circuit, and reverse polarity protections. The Dr. Dabber Switch is an extremely versatile vaporizer that has the capability of multiple devices in one powerful and convenient package.

Please Note: This device is designed for dry herb or herbal concentrates and is not intended to be used with any other media.

Product Features:
  • All In One System
    • Standard Mode
      • 5 Heating Profiles
      • 5 Second Average Heat Up Time
      • Herbal Concentrate Mode
      • Dry Herb Mode
    • Advanced Modes
      • 25 Additional Heating Profiles for Herbal Concentrate and Dry Herb Modes
      • Customizable Hold Times
        • Recordable Hold Times of 5 to 30 Seconds
      • Temperature Range
        • 300 to 800 Degrees Fahrenheit
    • Crystal Mode
      • Dr. Dabber Crystal Induction Cup Required (Sold Separately)
  • Non-Combustive Induction Heating
    • White Ceramic Induction Cup
      • For Herbal Concentrate Use
    • Black Ceramic Induction Cup
      • For Dry Herb Use
    • Crystal Induction Cup
      • For Herbal Concentrate Use
      • For Low Heat Dry Herb Use
      • Sold Separately
  • Auto Cool Down Cycles
    • 5 Second Minimum Cool Down Cycle
    • 4 Minute Maximum Cool Down Cycle
  • Self Cleaning Modes
    • High Energy Heat Cycles Clean the Ceramic Induction Cups
    • Not for use with Crystal Induction Cup
  • Multi Functional 5 LED Lighting
    • Battery Indicator
      • 5 Pink Lights
        • 100 to 81% Battery Life
      • 4 Pink Lights
        • 80 to 61% Battery Life
      • 3 Pink Lights
        • 60 to 41% Battery Life
      • 2 Pink Lights
        • 40 to 21% Battery Life
      • 1 Pink Light
        • 20 to 10% Battery Life
      • Flashing Pink LED
        • Below 10% Battery Life
    • Standby LED Lighting
      • Stealth Mode
        • No Lights
        • 25 LED Light Show Options
  • 3 Button Interface
  • Dry Herb / Herbal Concentrate Selector Switch
  • Glass Percolator Attachment
    • 50mm Ground Glass Fitting
    • Heavy Duty Borosilicate
  • Removable Battery Pack
    • LiFePO4 Non-Volatile Battery Cells
    • 120W Maximum Power Output
    • 33.3 Watt-hours Battery Capacity
    • Pass Through Charging
    • Charging Cable Included
    • Over-Voltage, Over-Current, Under-Voltage, Over-Temperature, Short-Circuit, and Reverse Polarity Protection

Product Includes:
  • One Dr. Dabber Switch Unit
  • One Battery Pack
  • One Glass Percolator Attachment
  • One White Ceramic Induction Cup (Concentrate)
  • One Black Ceramic Induction Cup (Dry Herb)
  • One Ceramic Dry Herb Filter Cap
  • One Glass Loading Tool and Carb Accessory
  • One Reverse Action Tweezers
  • One Silicone Storage Container
  • One Charging Cable and Adapter
  • One Hexagon Silicone Storage Container
  • One Instruction Manual

Advanced User Item. Use At Your Own Risk!

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