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A Complete Guide to E liquids from Novice to Expert Vaper

This E juice guide will tell you everything you need to know to enter the colorful and vibrant world of E cig liquids. The beauty of these E juices is that there is just as much variety in flavors as can be found in the personalities in the vaping community.

There is no difference between E liquids, E juices, Vape juices, Vape liquids, E cig juices and E cig liquids. Don’t be confused as they all mean the same thing and can be used in vape and e cig devices. Essential oils can be vaped as well, but the process is slightly different. This article is only a complete guide to E liquids.

Read on to learn things like:

  • What does E liquid contain?
  • Does all vape juice have nicotine?
  • How much E juice can I vape a day?
  • What vape liquids makes the most smoke?
  • How long does E liquid last?
  • Why does the liquid in my e cig turn brown?

E liquids have complex flavor profiles, customizable ingredient compositions and awesome brands that you’ll be sure to find your perfect fit. It can be overwhelming so let us guide you from basic to expert. How deep you inhale after that is completely up to you.

The Hardest Vape decision you’ll make: Choosing an E liquid Flavor

The vaping community has also joined in on the crazy creative flavors that takes anything you can think of translates it to a vape juice. Favorites include Fruity varieties like Strawberry Milk and Vanilla Custard, or twists on traditional options like Menthol, and Tobacco with Sweet Honey and Smooth Almond. There are also the flavors that transport you to another place with Lava Flow or rewind the time evoking nostalgia like Cereal, Sodas and Milkshakes. Vapers love the dynamic variety often citing that flavors are true to description, fun to try, and overall delicious.

Advanced vapers blend e juices together to create their own mix. Other prefer Premium E liquids for smoother, consistent flavors. Eventually, it’s common for people to have what is called their ‘all day vape’ which is a vape juice flavor that you won’t tire of or have your taste buds become over saturated with. Flavors tend to pack a punch when you first try them or start a new bottle, but with some of the method and insights we share below, you can become master of your flavor.

It’s important to note that E liquids should never be consumed as a liquid and washed off immediately if it comes in contact with your skin.

Composition: What’s in an E Liquid?

Plainly speaking, E liquids are made of

  • Propylene glycol (PG)
  • Vegetable glycerin (VG)
  • Nicotine
  • Added Food Flavorings

A composition percentage of PG and VG is the base of any juice with typical variations being a 70/30 or 50/50 ratio. This ratio affects everything else about the vape juice, for example higher VG levels produce more vape smoke while a higher PG ratio is said to hold better flavor. In time, you’ll be able to tell by sight alone some of the ratio because of the viscosity and color of the E liquid.

Most, E juices have Nicotine, which strongly contribute to the throat hit. A throat hit is the satisfying relaxation of the muscles that is a side effect of nicotine and often what catches nonsmokers off-guard and causing them to cough when they’re not used to it. A stronger throat hit means that there is also higher nicotine level, which creates a buzz feeling. Vape juice without nicotine is available for non-smokers, but people who are trying to wean themselves off of it or want an alternative source can control their levels of intake with e cig liquids. The levels either Nicotine or new juices called Nicotine Salt (Nic Salt or Salt Nic for short) in your vape juice is up to you. Here are some levels for you to consider,

  • 3mg/ml – The lowest you can go before 0mg/ml (nicotine-free). Great for those looking to quit nicotine or casual smokers looking to get into vaping.
  • 6mg/ml – The most popular level of nicotine strength, especially for habitual smokers. This provides a nice throat hit but is easily to step up or down from depending on your preference.
  • 12mg/ml – Not for beginners unless if you were a heavy smoker. Strong throat hit.
  • 18mg/ml – This level is definitely if you’re after the nicotine for cravings and less concerned about flavor. Even higher levels are available if so desired, but not recommended if you want to get lots of vape smoke. 36mg/ml is the highest vape juice available.
  • Finally, added food flavorings like sweeteners (typically sucralose) are the key ingredients to make a complex flavor profiles like Taste Vapor’s Orange U Fineapple which is Orange Pineapple Juice or Coffee Vape Deja Brew Cinnamon Coffee for example. Users say they can’t believe how exact the flavor is to the real thing. Speaking of coffee, caffeinated e juices are now available so be sure to check before you buy.

    For those who love all things organic, e juice can be organic but only if it’s labeled as ‘Certified USDA Organic’. This will result in 100% VG and 0mg/ml nicotine since nicotine has trace amounts of non-organic oils in them.

    The More You Know: Getting the most out of your E Liquids

    How E Liquids become Vapor

    While there are many devices for creating vapor, the concept is the same:

    • The E juice soaks a wicking device.
    • The wicking device is warmed by a coil.
    • Vape juice hits warm coil and vapor is produced.

    The E liquid is in the tank of your device which can be refilled with a premixed flavor or one you create by mixing flavors (talked about more in the Advanced portion below). Cleaning your tank and device is a whole other discussion depending on whether your device is an Open or Closed System, but it does make a difference for the lifespan of your device (just remember not to rinse the coil!) and the quality of the flavor you wish to experience. If you’re thinking of trying out multiple flavors until you find your flavor profile, try getting a smaller tank that makes cleaning and refills easier. Switching vape juice flavors is a slightly more advanced technique that you can read more about below.


    Three elements that are not your E juice’s friend are,

    • Light - don’t store them on windowsills or in direct sunlight.
    • Extreme Temperatures - don’t leave them in cars for example.
    • Oxygen - 99.9% of the time, so close your bottles tightly.

    E liquids are similar to any other premium product such as wine or tea. Proper storage both extends its life and affects the quality. Exposure to these elements will increase the nicotine oxidation process and depending on your preferred nicotine strength, can severely shorten the shelf life of your juice. Even if you’re using 0mg/ml vape juice, the flavor profile can become altered. Glass bottles are also preferable to plastic ones and if you’re bulk buying you could store them in the vegetable drawer of your fridge to slow down the oxidation process and ‘defrost’ them a day before you’re ready to use by restoring them to room temperature. Vape juice can expire but typically not for about two years after manufacture date meaning it has a stable shelf-life.


    Steeping your e liquids is a way for you to have more control over the e juice flavors. The longer you wait before using a bottle, the stronger the flavor. If you feel you’ve waited too long, and the flavor is too strong, simply remove the top to let it ‘air’ which is the only instance where oxygen is not detrimental to your e juice.

    Vape juices that are darker in color is typically down to the nicotine strength of that particular bottle. Flavors and ingredients can also be a factor. If the juice is noticeably darker after being in your tank, it also stands to reason that the coil and wick are becoming caramelized and staining the tank making the E juice appear to be turning brown. This can be fixed if cleaned properly.


    As with most product, the more you buy at once the lower the cost, which is a why

    • 60mg/ml can cost between $5 - $10.
    • 30mg/ml can cost between $10 - $20.
    • 10mg/ml can cost between $15 - $30.

    Even with these higher estimates, you can see that the more liquid, the lower the cost (up to 120mg/ml is available but rare). While the prices and the brands vary wildly depending on the ingredients of that liquid, in general, the more nicotine mg/ml the more expensive the vape juice. Premium e liquids are available for those seeking a more consistent flavor experience made with finer ingredients that are apparent in flavor both on the inhale and exhale. Think of it like buying an $8 burger and a $25 burger – both are hardy and filling, but you can recognize the quality upon taste.

    VaporDNA is a one-stop shop for all your vaping needs. We continually strive for the best and latest products and brands available with fast shipping.

    Advanced Juice Knowledge

    Mixing and Switching Flavors

    Mixing is an option for creating customized flavors. It adds a fun new level to your vaping experience, but if you want custom-made e-liquids flavors, understanding the math for mg/mL is a must. If you just try to mix without measuring, you might create a mix that strains the coils in your device and renders permanent damage. Definitely do your research on the process and check out some of the accessories you need here.

    Switching Flavors is considered a more advanced technique because to do so properly means cleaning your tank or switching coils if you use tend to use an all day vape juice. If you ignore the steps to switching e juice flavors, you can experience ‘ghost flavors’ that will compromise your e juice flavor experience. Don’t let the small challenge of learning how to properly switch flavors keep you from experiencing the wide variety of vape juice flavors out there! Find out more about cleaning your tanks and caring for your coils here .

    Vapor’s Tongue

    Vapor’s Tongue is when your taste buds become ‘numb’ to the e cig juice that you’re vaping. This tends to happen more often if your e liquid has more nicotine in it and/or if you vape consistently all day. Vape Tongue is not permanent. If you sense that you can no longer taste the flavor of your vape juice, the solution for getting rid of vape tongue is,

    • Switching E juice flavors.
    • Taking more breaks between vapes.
    • Trying E cig liquids with less nicotine mg/ml.

    Vape Clouds

    Having big, dense vape clouds comes down to three factors,

    • Device.
    • E Liquid.
    • Technique.

    As one of the holy trinity to creating impressive vape smoke, E juice considerations need to be made if this is your goal. Remember, the base of E liquids is a combination of Propylene glycol (PG) and Vegetable glycerin (VG) along with Nicotine and Added Food Flavoring. The higher the nicotine mg/ml less smoke is produced. But more importantly are the PG/VG levels. PG is responsible for flavor while VG is responsible for the clouds. The most impressive clouds will come from 100% VG e juice, but will lack flavor completely. Keep that in mind for daily use or to enjoy the over 30,000 flavor profiles found in E cig liquids. With this guide, you’re all set to start explore and experimenting with E liquids to find the perfect match for your vaping goals. With new varieties are coming out all the time, be sure to check back and join the vaping community for news and updates that help you get the most of your vape juice and vaping experience.

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